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About Me

Jack Keller (me) With over two decades of experience in the engineering domain, I have honed my skills across the full software development lifecycle. My journey began in backend and data engineering, eventually transitioning to the frontend realm. Accessibility (a11y) and the Svelte framework are two areas that particularly pique my interest and passion.

On this technical blog, I share insights and musings on programming, software development methodologies like Agile, and various other topics within this ever-evolving landscape. Through my writing, I aim to foster a vibrant discourse and exchange of ideas with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Beyond the realms of code, I indulge in a diverse array of hobbies, including music production, hiking, photography, video games, and automotive pursuits. As a devoted husband and father of two, I cherish the opportunity to share and nurture these passions with my family.

I invite you to explore the content on this blog and engage with my posts. Your thoughts and perspectives are invaluable in enriching this ongoing dialogue within the technical community.

const food = ['🧀', '🌮', '🥓', '🍕'];

const aboutJack = () => {
  console.log(`Meat based life-form, cannot resist ${food[(Math.floor(Math.random() * food.length))]}!`);


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